Israel's Mr. Fix It Can Unclog Your Drain for Next to Nothing

Purchasing products in Israel may not be cheap, but repairing them with manual labor usually is.

Judy Maltz
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Judy Maltz

5. Handyman jobs

As a rule of thumb, manual labor is cheaper in Israel, so while it may cost significantly more to buy a car here, it’s generally cheaper to get it fixed, and while it may cost outrageously more to buy an apartment here, the renovations will usually cost you less. We decided to look at one common handyman job: opening a clogged drain. In Israel, this particular plumbing work will cost you somewhere between NIS 170 to NIS 400, roughly the equivalent of $50 to $115.  In the United States, it’ll put you out anywhere between $200 and $280.

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Handyman jobs Credit: Eyal Toueg