Full Text: Israel Policy Forum Letter Urges Palestinian President to Push for Peace in UN Speech

One hundred prominent U.S. Jews call on Abbas to promote two-state solution during United Nations General Assembly.

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Dear President Abbas:

We write to you as strong supporters of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict who are encouraged by the resumption of peace talks. For the current negotiations to succeed, leaders on both sides must do all they can to create a positive atmosphere conducive to success.

Your upcoming speech to the United Nations General Assembly presents an opportunity for you to establish a positive tone based on mutual respect that builds confidence in the process.

Last month, you reportedly told a private delegation from Israel’s Meretz party that, “People say that after signing a peace agreement we will still demand Haifa, Acre and Safed. That is not true. Signing the agreement will signal the end of the conflict.” You were also reported to have said that in the context of a peace agreement “We don’t need planes or missiles. All we need is a strong police force.”

Making such statements publicly to the entire international community and emphasizing the Palestinian people's willingness to live in peace with Israel would be important steps to improve the environment affecting the peace process. It would reinforce that the Palestinian leadership has a responsible strategy for courageously forging a lasting peace with Israel.

As supporters of the creation of a Palestinian state to live side-by-side with the Jewish state in peace and security, we urge you to seize the opportunity of the world stage at the General Assembly this year to generate positive sentiment and rally supporters for a two-state solution.

Hon. Gary Ackerman, Robert Adler, Dan Adler, Karen R. Adler, Michael M. Adler, Harold E. Akselrad, David Avital, Rabbi Andy Bachman, Neil Barsky, Robert A. Belfer, Jack C. Bendheim, Lawrence Bender, Michael Berenbaum, Hon. Howard Berman, Howard M. Bernstein, Herbert Blecker, Charles R. Bronfman, Steven M. Cohen, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Thomas A. Dine, Rabbi David Ellenson, Hon. Barney Frank, Michael Gelman, Susie Gelman, Stanley P. Gold, H.P. Goldfield, E. Robert Goodkind, Robert Gordon, Lawrence C. Gottlieb, Jeffrey R. Gural, Rabbi Steve Gutow, Laurence Greenwald, David A. Halperin, Rabbi Rick Jacobs., Alan S. Jaffe, Peter A. Joseph, Gerald D. Katcher, Nancy K. Kaufman, Francine Klagsbrun, Samuel Klagsbrun, Peter S. Kolevzon, Steven C. Koppel, Harvey M. Krueger, Yehuda Kurtzer, Burton Lehman, Marvin Lender, Bruce Levenson, Jacqueline Levine, Hon. Mel Levine, Risa A. Levine, Geoffrey H. Lewis, Robert K. Lifton, Prof. Deborah Lipstadt. Carol London, Jonathan Lopatin, Rabbi Roly J. Matalon, Donald Meltzer, Rabbi Jack Moline, Prof. Burt Neuborne Richard Pearlstone, Judith Stern Peck, Steve Rabinowitz, Robert S. Rifkind, Marcia Riklis, Terry Rosenberg, Lenore Ruben, David Sable, Rabbi David Saperstein, Daniel I. Schwartz, William J. Schwartz, Rabbi Joel Thal Simonds, Prof. Abraham D. Sofaer, Jeffrey Solomon, Alan P. Solow, Joan E. Spero. Prof. Steven L. Spiegel. Marc R. Stanley, Cary Sucoff, Stephen C. Swid, Joel D. Tauber, Bob Unger, Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky, Howard L. Weingrow, James E. Walker, III, Melvyn I. Weiss, Martin J. Whitman, Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, Michael D. Young, Hon. Dov Zakheim, Lawrence Zicklin 

PA President Mahmoud Abbas attending a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank city of Ramallah, July 18, 2013.Credit: AP