French Company Promises to Change Name of 'Cyclone B' Cleaning Product

Company officials say they were unaware such a chemical was used to kill Jews in the Holocaust, adding they were working to address the issue.

Ofer Aderet
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A French cleaning product company has agreed to rename an item it had marketed under the name 'Cyclone B', the European Jewish Association said Monday.

"It is horribly ignorant at best and a Guinness world record in evil cynicism if it turns out that the company knew of the horrible use that the Nazis made of the poison," said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the the Brussels-based lobby group promoting Jewish religious interests.

IPC-SA, a company based in the northwestern French city of Brest contracted to provide supplies to the European Parliament, said it had not been aware that Zykon B was the name of a poisonous gas the Nazis used to murder Jews at Auschwitz.

Margolin said that company officials promised to change the name of the product immediately.

A spokesperson for the firm told JTA Monday: We are aware of the issue and are working to address it.

IPC-Sa's website selling 'Cyclone B'