Mein Kampf Sales Surging Thanks to Advent of the eBook

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The surge of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's memoir Mein Kampf to the top of Amazon and iTunes best seller charts, says Boston journalist Chris Faraone in a recent article on the news website Vocativ, may be related to the rise of the ebook in recent years.

Since Mein Kampf was published in English in 1933, the book had failed to attain commercial success, selling only a mere thousand copies with each successive edition and translation published over the years.

But today, Faraone points out, eBook copies of the book are selling, and selling well. On iTunes it appears 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart. While in Amazon, which carries over 100 different versions of the book, one of the six digital versions on offer is ranked number one in the Propaganda & Political Psychology section.

Faraone hypothesizes that the reason that the book has gained a massive surge in popularity over recent years is that while people are embarrassed to buy, be seen reading or own a print version of the book – for obvious reasons – digital versions can be read discreetly, without raising eyebrows.

Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf.'Credit: AP

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