A 'Seinfeld' Reunion Is (Sort Of) in the Works

Jerry Seinfeld tells radio show he and Jason Alexander were filming for the project inside NYC's Tom's Restaurant.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld on Thursday confirmed that a reunion of his eponymous sitcom is (kind of) happening, but didn’t divulge too many details.

Seinfeld, 59, stopped by the sports radio talk show Boomer & Carton to chat about football, when the conversation veered toward a photo making the rounds online of him and Jason Alexander walking into New York City's Tom's Restaurant – the famous site of many a Seinfeld scenes.

So what did Seinfeld confirm? He and Alexander were filming in the diner, Alexander was reprising his role as George Constanza during the filming, the project involves co-creator Larry David and other Seinfeld characters are also involved.

Seinfeld told the broadcasters that it was a "short-ish form" project that will go public "very very soon."

Diehard fans shouldn't get too excited, though. The project is most likely a one-off, the comic said, describing it as "one and done."