U.S. Democratic Jews: Choice of Ryan as VP Shows Romney Doesn't Champion Jewish Values

NJDC warns of 'alarming partnership' between Romney and Ryan; Republican Jewish Coalition lauds pick of 'pro-Israel' congressman.

WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as vice presidential candidate shows that the Republic presumptive nominee for president does not reflect the values of U.S. Jews, the National Jewish Democratic Council said in a statement Sunday.

On Saturday, the Romney campaign confirmed that the former Massachusetts governor had picked Congressman Ryan as his running mate.

"Mitt's choice for VP is Paul Ryan. Spread the word about America's comeback team," a Romney campaign app said, confirming widespread reports he had selected the 42-year-old Wisconsin lawmaker, who chairs the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee.

The NJDC on Sunday released a statement in response, saying the move was the clearest indication yet that Romney does not champion American Jewish values.

"Ryan's signature budget plan drew the profound concern and even ire of many in the American Jewish community because of its plans to end Medicare as we know it, slash vital social safety net programs and increase the burden on seniors, the middle class, and the poor - yet Romney today proudly hitched his horse to Ryan's dangerous plan," the organization added.

Alarming partnership'

The NJDC also said that what it named an "alarming partnership" between Romney and Ryan "will further reinforce the reasons why such a significant majority of American Jews will be voting to reelect President Barack Obama this November."

However, the statement wasn't the only reaction of U.S. Jews to the new Republican ticket: The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) hailed Romney's pick.

In another statement released Sunday, RJC director Matt Brooks said that Romney and Ryan were "right to reject the notion that America is doomed to economic stagnation and a loss of influence around the world."

"President Obama wants Americans to believe that - because he's determined to evade blame for his failures in office. But today in Norfolk, Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan made a powerful argument that America can do better - if we embrace the bold, principled leadership they're offering," Brooks added.

In regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Brooks said in the RJC statement that Ryan "has earned appreciation from pro-Israel voters by rejecting the Obama administration's tactic of pressuring Israel to make concessions its leaders believe will undermine its security - and he rightly insists that a rejection of violence and incitement on the Palestinian side is an essential precondition for a meaningful peace agreement."

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - AP - 11.8.2012