Jerusalem Teenagers Charged With Victimizing Classmate

Indictment points to daily beatings and other instances of abuse and indecent assault.

Two 14-year-olds were charged yesterday in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court with serious offenses involving abuse of a classmate.

The defendants, who were arrested last week, have been charged with multiple instances of abuse of a minor in addition to assault and indecent assault.

Teenage suspect
Olivier Fitoussi

According to the indictment, the acts occurred at the victim's home and at school over the course of about two years.

The indictment says that the victim and the primary defendant in the case had been classmates since 1st grade and that about two-and-a-half years ago, when they began attending junior high, they became close friends and spent most of their free time together. The primary defendant allegedly exploited the victim's desire for friendship to abuse and humiliate him, which the prosecutor's office said included daily beatings. The main defendant is also said to have spit on the victim, to have choked him, and to have cut him on the arm with a box cutter.

According to the indictment, the victim was placed in a closet into which lit matches were thrown, deodorant was sprayed into his eyes, he was tied to window bars with a dog leash, and he was beaten with a brick and with a mallet. The main defendant is also alleged to have poured urine on the victim after ordering him to undress.

Arnon Eitan, a lawyer representing this defendant, said: "The indictment only makes clear the fact that the case involves circumstances in very complicated events involving individuals who are also complicated. I have no doubt that the case will be headed to a therapeutic approach in accordance with juvenile law, the circumstances of the case and the age of those involved."