Jaffa Man Murders Father, Wounds Stepmother; Beit Jann Man Kills Daughter Over 'Family Honor'

Police suspect that a mentally disturbed man from Jaffa yesterday killed his father and wounded the father's wife. In a separate incident, a man from Beit Jann in the Galilee was arrested on suspicion of killing his 23-year-old daughter last night.

Medics and police found the Jaffa murder victim dead in his apartment on Aplaton Street. Police arrived at the victim's house in the afternoon following a report that a murder had occurred there. His body had visible wounds, and his wife, 72, was lightly wounded. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police encountered the son, his clothes soaked with his father's blood, as he descended the building's stairwell. They told him to stop but he tried to escape. The officers detained the man.

An initial investigation revealed that the son, 37, had a history of mental illness. After fighting with the couple, he began attacking them with objects he found lying around inside the apartment.

The suspect from Beit Jann told police in Carmiel that he killed his daughter because she offended the family's honor. The man, an employee of the Israel Prisons Service, turned up at the Carmiel police station last night with his handgun in his hand.

He handed the weapon to the duty officer and told him that he had used it to kill his daughter. He said he shot her while she was with him inside the family car.

The officer found the woman's body inside the car, which the suspected killer parked outside the station. The victim had sustained several bullet wounds to her upper body.

Last month a 41-year-old man - also suffering from mental illness - is believed to have killed his father, Zachar Galuchoy, 68, and wounded his mother in southern Tel Aviv. The suspect admitted to killing the father by stabbing him repeatedly with a kitchen knife. He then walked into a room in the same apartment and locked himself inside, refusing to communicate with the officers who were called to the building.

Yet another suspected murder of a parent by an adult son occurred in a public park last month. The body of a homeless woman was found wrapped in a blanket in the park, and her son was arrested on suspicion of her murder. Police said the woman, 58-year-old Margarita Karilov, was apparently strangled.

She was pronounced dead at the scene on Leonardo da Vinci Street. Her husband was found lightly injured, but he refused to receive medical treatment.