J'lem Mayor Gets Death Threats Over Shabbat Spat

Fresh riots erupted in Jerusalem yesterday, following the police decision to indict 57 ultra-Orthodox men who had been arrested during the violent demonstration protesting the opening of a parking lot in Jerusalem on Saturday.

Demonstrators yesterday set alight garbage containers and blocked Shabbat Square and streets in the capital.

Police said they would charge everyone who had been detained during the weekend demonstrations in the capital's Mea She'arim, Bar Ilan and Bayit Vegan neighborhoods.

Police also launched an investigation into two e-mail death threats that were sent to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and one of his deputies, a day after the demonstration.

Security at Barkat's office was beefed up following the threats and a bodyguard was posted outside his home in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood.

Barkat's bureau issued a statement asserting that the major would not change his decision to open the parking lot.

Police released 10 yeshiva students from Bayit Vegan yesterday after their yeshiva rabbi promised that they would not take part in further protest. Seventeen other suspects, from Mea She'arim, were ordered to leave Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Police Commander, Maj. Gen. Aharon Franco, yesterday met rabbis and yeshiva heads from Bayit Vegan, who complained that police had arrested innocent yeshiva students in Saturday night's riots in the neighborhood.

A member of Shas' faction in the Jerusalem municipal council, Shmuel Yitzhaki, announced his resignation from the council yesterday.