J'lem Man Accused of Killing Baby Won't Stand Trial

A Jerusalem man accused of killing his infant daughter last December was found yesterday unfit to stand trial after two weeks under observation at the Eitanim psychiatric hospital. The Jerusalem District Court accepted the opinion of the Jerusalem district psychiatrist that Nachman Anshin, 23, was not responsible for his actions at the time of the murder, which he ultimately admitted to. The court ruling means that although Anshin is considered guilty of the murder, legal proceedings against him will be halted and he will be sent by order of the court to a psychiatric hospital.

Anshin had been accused of murdering his 8-month-old daughter Fruma at his family's apartment in Jerusalem. The indictment against him alleged that he became violent with his wife, whom he was said to have locked in their apartment and who then escaped with her young daughter from a prior marriage. Anshin is then alleged to have taken Fruma from her bed, and killed her by violently hitting her head on the floor. At the time of the baby's death, Anshin denied killing her, but yesterday admitted to the crime.

Members of Anshin's wife's family said the accused's wife, Fruma's mother, had been unaware that Anshin had a prior psychiatric history.