Israeli Man Given 3 Life Sentences for Murdering His 3 Young Children

Ben Dror was convicted in July last year of killing his three children, aged 10, 8, and 5 in 2010 in their apartment in Netanya.

Itai Ben Dror, who was convicted of murdering his three young children in July 2011, was served with three life sentences by Petah Tikva District court on Tuesday.

Ben Dror killed his three children, aged 10, 8, and 5 in 2010 in their apartment in Netanya. The children were living with their mother at the time, but had come to visit their father at his home.

Ben Dror was convicted on the basis of his prior confession, though the 2011 court proceedings did not include witness testimony.

The mother of the children and Ben Dror's ex-wife, Lilach Shem-Tov, said upon the announcement of the conviction last year,"It's hard. He is the children's father, but he eventually confessed – something we've waited for a whole year."

"There won't be any relief for me until I know the conditions of his punishment and if there will be a reduced punishment," Shem-Tov said at the time. "There is some measure of relief in that he admitted to three counts of premeditated murder."


Shem Tov said that her feelings are "very complicated," and that despite the pressure, she believed that "justice was served."

"This was my goal – that he would receive three life sentences," Shem Tov said, adding that she would prevent Itai's attempts to visit his children's grave.

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Ben Dror's ex-wife, Lilach Shem-Tov at the court prior to sentencing, July 10, 2012.
Alon Ron