It's Official: 2010 Was the Hottest Year on Record in Israel

Though there have been drier years than this, the number of rainy days this year was particularly small, and the driest in Jerusalem over last decade.

According to Israel Meteorological Service data, this has been the warmest year in the country since records began to be kept. Temperatures were warmer by 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius than the multi-year average and close to 3 degrees hotter at some higher elevations.

Although local rain is predicted for the entire country today and tomorrow, it will still not have a significant impact on the dismal amount of precipitation that has fallen in the country for all of 2010.

Palmahim Beach - Nir Kafri
Nir Kafri

This remains a dry winter, with some limited rainy spells. The Meteo-Tech weather firm reported that a few millimeters of rain fell yesterday in the Jordan Valley, Eilat and the Arava. The rain predicted for today and tomorrow is not expected to exceed 10 or 15 millimeters, and the forecast for the coming week does not call for significant precipitation.

The precipitation will start in the Negev and then spread to the center and north. After dropping by up to three degrees yesterday, temperatures will go down by another degree or so today.

A summary of weather data for 2010 shows an average temperature in Jerusalem of 20.3 degrees Celsius this year compared to a multi-year average of 17.5 degrees. The Beit Dagan weather station near Tel Aviv reported an average temperature this year of 22.1 degrees compared to a multi-year average reading of 19.4.

Although there have been years with less precipitation than 2010 in Israel, the number of rainy days this year was particularly small. Over the past eight years, this year was the driest for Jerusalem and Haifa.