Israir Plane Makes Emergency Landing for Second Time in Week

The Eilat-bound ATR plane lands at Ben-Gurion International Airport following a technical fault; no one was injured.

Avi Scharf

An Israir plane made an emergency landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday, the second time in a week that a technical fault forced a company plane to land.

Monday's flight took off from Tel Aviv's Sde Dov Airport en route to Eilat, carrying approximately 80 passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot declared an emergency and headed to Ben-Gurion. Emergency services were put on standby as this was a "level 2" alert – one level below a crash alert.

Israir said the ATR plane "landed safely. At this stage an initial investigation is underway."

Last weekend, another Israir plane made an emergency landing at the Uvda Airport in the Negev. The ATR plane was en route from Eilat to Tel Aviv. An investigation pointed to a fault in one of the engines.