Israelis Who Drove Suicide Bomber Ignored Danger Signs

Two Israelis who drove the suicide bomber to the Sharon Mall in Netanya on July 12 were remanded yesterday until the end of their trial by the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday.

Seif Azam of Taibeh and Kfir Levy of Ramat Gan are charged with driving Ahmad Gawai of Tul Karm to the mall, where he blew himself up, killing five people and wounding 90.

The defendants ignored the clear danger signals in driving the suicide bomber and his escort into Israel, Judge David Rozen said.

The judge said the defendants had operated an illegal business transporting 200 Palestinians across the pre-1967 Green Line every day, "flouting the law and deceiving security forces." They allegedly made 10 trips a day, charging each Palestinian NIS 100.

Levy was paid NIS 600 a trip because he was Jewish, which enabled the defendants to cross the border pass without being examined, Rozen said.