Israeli With Swine Flu 'Healthy as an Ox', but Will Remain Hospitalized

Tomer Wajim thought to have become infected during trip to in Mexico, has responded well to anti-viral drugs.

The 26-year-old Israeli in quarantine with swine flu is "feeling healthy as an ox but will stay in the hospital for another couple of days," said his brother Wednesday.

Tomer Wajim is thought to have contracted the disease while in Mexico last week.

"His girlfriend is at his side, and I got him a laptop with some films and an internet connection - this is how he spent the week," said Liran Wajim, Tomer's brother.

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Tomer felt unwell after returning from Mexico last Friday, and had "a low fever. Then I heard on the news that people returning from Mexico who felt unwell had to see a doctor, so I took him for tests."

"Tomer was hospitalized in the emergency room and moved into quarantine on his first night at the hospital. He was given anti-viral drugs and had improved considerably by the time the test results arrived. Apparently he had it and then it went away," Liran said.

He said he wasn't concerned about contracting the disease from his brother. "He's my own brother, my flesh and blood, how could I be worried?" Liran said.

Tomer Wajim, speaking to Channel 2 News from Netanya's Laniado hospital, said: "We shouldn't worry so much. I've seen the drugs have been working well, from day one. My fever decreased, as did all the other symptoms. I trust modern medicine."