Israeli Teens' Adventure Into Egypt Prompts Kidnap Report

After Egypt detained two cyclists who illegally crossed border, Israel believed they had been abducted.

Two teenaged Israeli cyclists who illegally crossed over the Egyptian border late Sunday prompted concern in Israel that they had been abducted.

The cyclists were arrested by Egyptian security forces, triggering witnesses to report that they had been kidnapped at gunpoint. The testimony led to night-time negotiations between Israeli and Egyptian forces over the return of the cyclists.

The teens, who are both preparing for their recruit into the Israel Defense Forces, were transferred back to Israeli territory early Tuesday and taken into the Dimona Police Station for questioning.

Initially, Israeli forces believed that the two had accidentally crossed the border en route to the southern town of Kfar Nitzana when they were found in Egypt at around 9:30 P.M. The teens were returned to Israel at around 3 A.M. via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

After hours of questioning, the two confessed that they had not lost their way into Egypt but had intentionally crossed the border with the hopes of having a "daring" adventure before they joined the army.