Israeli Shot and Killed by Muggers in Costa Rica

Itai Shechter-Alias' uncle says he was 'an angel' who cut his trip short to see his girlfriend and mother.

An Israeli man was shot and killed by muggers in Costa Rica Sunday, after they burst into a hotel room he and his friends were staying in.

Itai Shechter-Elias' brother Adi said the 26-year-old Ashkelon native was in his hotel room with friends when a group of gunmen burst in and demanded money. Adi heard the gunshots and ran to help, finding his brother shot. He rushed Itai to a local hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him.

Local authorities have opened an investigation into the murder. It is believed that Itai was reaching for his bag to give the gunmen money when one of them became suspicious and opened fire.

Itai's uncle Tzila Tchechik said his nephew "was an angel" who had planned a year-long trip with his brother but decided to cut it short because he missed his mother and his girlfriend Moran, both of whom he spoke to almost daily.