Israeli Reporter Yotam Feldman Released From Egypt Custody

Feldman was arrested last week for attempting to sneak across the Israel-Egypt border with African migrants.

Israeli Journalist Yotam Feldman was released Monday from Egyptian custody seven days after his arrest for attempting to sneak across the porous Israel-Egypt border with African migrants, trying to reach Israel.

Feldman, a reporter for a number of publications including Haaretz, was preparing a report for Israel's Channel 10 television at the time of his arrest, dealing with a news investigation on illegal immigration.

"I think that what happened to me is part and parcel of the journalists job in a mission to expose the most heroic acts, which many people inevitably have to perform in order to maintain their humanity," Feldman said upon his return to Israel.

"In execution of the state's [Israel] defense policies these people are hunted along the borders, killed and those who are caught are treated with the utmost severity, all of which I experienced over the last few days and I hope I will be able to expand my knowledge as soon as possible," Feldamn added.

After his arrest, Feldman's father, Avigdor, told Haaretz that he understood his son had traveled to Egypt on a press assignment and that he had had no contact with him since his departure.

Haaretz said in a statement: "Yotam Feldman requested an unpaid 10-day vacation from Haaretz in order to pursue projects unrelated to his work at the newspaper. To the best of our knowledge, Feldman was working on a report for another media outlet. We hope for and expect his safe return soon."

An Egyptian security official, who could not confirm the journalist's identity, said the Israeli had no identification papers and no money but told his investigators he was reporting on African migrants sneaking into Israel from Egypt.