Israeli Model to Tell Her Own Story in Cecelia Peck's Documentary About Rape

The project, budgeted at $1 million, is set to begin filming in July in Israel and move to other countries.

The Israeli model and actress Linor Abargil will tell her own story in an upcoming documentary on rape and women's fear of reporting the crime or testifying against their assailants, Abargil announced alongside award-winning actress-director Cecilia Peck a press conference Friday in Tel Aviv.

Abargil will speak about being raped in Italy 10 years ago, a few weeks before she won the title of Miss World.

Abargil said that after her case was publicized, women from around the world contacted her with their own stories, and she understood it would be her life's task to encourage other rape victims to break their silence.

This is not the first time Peck, the daughter of actor Gregory Peck, has addressed efforts to silence women. The documentary film "Shut Up and Sing," which she directed, told the story of the female country band Dixie Chicks, which paid a heavy price careerwise after the lead singer criticized President George W. Bush from a London stage in 2003. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Peck met Abargil and Motti Reif, who will produce the film, about two years ago in Hollywood. Filming will begin July in Israel, and will continue in various countries for about a year. The project's budget is about $1 million.

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