Israeli Ministers Backing West Bank Outpost Evacuation Receive Death Threats

Coalition leaders threaten to hold a vote, against the wishes of the government, on a bill to retroactively legalize illegal outposts.

Authorities are investigating a threatening email sent to a number of coalition MKs and ministers, in the wake of cabinet statements that it is willing to evacuate illegal settlements.

Among the addressees of the email, which terms the ministers "traitors" and calls for their death, are a number of senior Likud ministers. The email, which was obtained by Haaretz from one of the threatened lawmakers, states: "With God's help, ministers and MKs, not for this were you elected. You have forged an alliance with the enemy and are doing his bidding in destroying settlements. You are traitors. This is not what God wants. Death to traitors. Leave the government and help the people."

demolition homes in Migron - Emil Salman - September 5 2011
Emil Salman

Lawmakers who received the emails informed the head of the Knesset Guard, Yossi Griff, who informed the police and the Shin Bet security service, who have launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, the coalition has not yet decided whether to hold a vote on Wednesday, against the wishes of the government, on a bill to retroactively legalize illegal outposts.

The coalition leaders are threatening to bring the bill to a vote and allow MKs and ministers to vote their conscience, which is likely to garner the bill a majority.

The bill, initiated by MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi ), states that if a Jewish neighborhood was built on private land whose legal owners did not demand it back for four years or more following construction of the neighborhood, it will not be evacuated, and the owner may be compensated in money or alternative land. Discussion on a similar bill by the ministerial committee on legislation has been postponed for two months until the prime minister's "outposts committee" finishes discussing alternatives.