Israeli Man Succumbs to Wounds Sustained in 2002 Hamas Suicide Bombing

Shimon Shiran suffered critical brain damage in bombing at Matza restaurant in Haifa.

Shimon Shiran, 57, of Haifa, succumbed on Saturday to wounds he sustained in a suicide bombing exactly seven years ago.

Shiran was critically wounded in the bombing at the Matza restaurant in Haifa in Passover 2002. He suffered from severe brain damage, and has since been confined to a rehabilitation hospital. His death raised the death toll in the attack to 16.

In the attack, Shiran's 17-year-old daughter Adi was killed and his wife was seriously injured.

"They were in intensive care for three months," his daughter Einat said. "Then mom was released and today she is healthy and able to work. Dad, who sustained a severe brain damage, was admitted to a rehabilitation center for two years, and when his condition deteriorated he was moved to the Elisha Hospital."

"When you hear of injuries in a terror attack, you think it's not so bad," she continued. "People don't know how difficult it is to deal with injury. They just forget about the injured."

"The thing that hurts most is that I couldn't tell what he thought, whether he was in pain, whether he saw us during our visits. We were helpless," she added.

On Sunday family and friends will mark the seventh anniversary of the bombing.

"The coincidence is amazing," Einat said. "It brings up all the memories. For seven years we dealt with the consequences of the attack in an open-ended manner, but now it's over. It's the beginning of our coming to terms with it."

"He was the father of the century. Luckily, I managed to tell him that before the injury. He was warm and knew how to communicate and educate with humor. It was very difficult to see him like that," she concluded.