Israeli Man Kills Two Palestinian Assailants After Attacked in West Bank Incident

Truck driver says shot at assailants; Palestinian hospital says two bodies and one wounded man arrived at hospital; police investigating the event,

An Israeli truck driver shot and killed two Palestinians on Sunday morning during what appears to have been an attempted robbery. According to the driver, three Palestinian men blocked his path in south Mount Hebron, attempted to forcefully extract him from his vehicle and hit him with a blunt object. The driver said he struggled with the men and shot at them.

Police are investigating the possibility that the Palestinian men had attempted to abduct the driver.

After the confrontation, the man continued driving toward a nearby Israel Defense Forces checkpoint. After arriving at Meitar Checkpoint, near Be'er Sheva, the man was taken to Soroka Medical Center to be treated for wounds to his hand.

Two hours later, a Palestinian hospital in Hebron reported that two bodies had arrived at the hospital, along with a wounded man. The Palestinian Red Crescent accused the IDF of delaying the evacuation of the men to hospital.

Israel Police and IDF are currently conducting investigations at the site of incident, which the army is currently defining as an attempted robbery.

The killed men were identified as Naeem al-Najjar, 34, from the West Bank village of Idna, near Hebron, and Anwar Abed Rabbo, 27, a resident of Yata. Al-Najjar was shot in his head and neck, while Abad Rabu was shot in his chest.

Last week, a truck was robbed in the same area. Investigations are being conducted to assess whether any connection exists between both incidents.

Earlier this month, an Israel Border Policeman was lightly wounded when he was stabbed in the leg at the entrance to Ma'arat Hamachpelah (Tomb of the Patriarchs) in Hebron. Investigations revealed that he terrorist, armed with a large nail, struck the policeman who was securing the entrance to the holy site.

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The Shoafat checkpoint terminal in East Jerusalem.
Michal Fattal