Israeli Journalist Still Being Quizzed in Cairo, Could Face Military Court

Egyptian military prosecutors are continuing to investigate Israeli journalist Yotam Feldman in Cairo following his arrest this week while accompanying African refugees trying to slip into Israel.

An Egyptian official told Haaretz yesterday that the state prosecution had yet to decide whether Feldman, 30, would stand trial before a military court on charges of illegally crossing the border. This could lead to a one-year sentence of imprisonment. But he could also be released at the end of his interrogation, the official said.

Feldman, who tried to cross the border illegally with a Ghanaian citizen, was arrested on Sunday along a route used by smugglers who help African migrants into Israel, officials said. The Egyptian authorities apparently view Feldman's actions as serious. "With African infiltrators, it is obvious that their actions come from distress and so they are promptly deported back to their countries of origin," the Egyptian said. "But Feldman tried to cross knowing it was an offense in an attempt to show that the border is unguarded."