Poll: 75% of Israeli Jews Oppose Palestinian State on '67 Lines

New survey shows 76.2% oppose creation of Palestinian state if Jerusalem is divided.


Some 75 percent of Israeli Jews oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state along 1967 lines, according to a new survey published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

The poll was conducted from October 12-14 and asked 505 Israeli Jews about the peace process and Israeli concessions in the West Bank. Among the respondents, 304 identified as right-wing, 125 as centrist and 68 as left-wing.

According to the survey, 74.3 percent of Israeli Jews oppose the creation of a Palestinian state along 1967 lines.

That number increases to 74.9 percent if the creation of a Palestinian state would require Israel's withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, and inches up to 76.2 percent against such a state if it meant Jerusalem would be divided.

Some 75 percent of respondents also said they would oppose replacing Israel Defense Forces troops with international forces in the Jordan Valley. Among left-wing Israelis, 51.5 percent oppose that idea.

However, the same number of left-wing respondents said they would support the establishment of a Palestinian state, even if Jerusalem were divided.

The poll also asked Israelis whether the rise of the Islamic State, particularly in Syria and Iraq, has changed their view on territorial concessions in the West Bank. Seventy percent reported no change in their position, while 16.8 percent said it made them less willing to concede land in the West Bank.

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is a self-described "leading independent research institute specializing in public diplomacy and foreign policy." Since 2000, it has been headed by Dr. Dore Gold, Israel's former ambassador to the UN, and a former policy adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The center has been conducting polls on the peace process and core issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations since 2005.