'Israeli Idol' Host Zvika Hadar Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest

Popular actor and reality host admitted to Ichilov Hospital Wednesday morning after suffering cardiac arrest at his HMO clinic right before a scheduled medical exam.

Zvika Hadar, a popular actor and host of the reality show "A Star is Born" ("Israeli Idol") suffered cardiac arrest on Wednesday morning.

Hadar suffered a cardiac arrest upon arriving at his HMO clinic in Tel Aviv for a checkup, before the exam even began. The cardiologist who usually treats him, Dr. Hana Tamir, performed CPR and revived him.

Hadar was transferred by Magen David Adom to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital in stable condition and has undergone cardiac catheterization.

Several weeks ago Hadar, 46 was admitted to the hospital and underwent a planned catheterization in his heart, but shortly after returned to work and continued hosting the 10th season of the Israeli reality show “A Star is Born.”

The doctor who treated him said that had Hadar suffered the cardiac arrest on the street or at home, and not in the clinic, it is doubtful his life could have been saved.

Nir Kafri