Israeli Filicide a Disturbing Trend

In another case involving the alleged murder of children by their parent, about four months ago Itai Ben Dror of Netanya was accused of murdering his three children aged 5, 8 and 10. Their bodies were found in his apartment on Borochov Street in Netanya, scored with stab wounds and bruises.

Ben Dror was arrested on suspicion of killing them, and later tried to commit suicide.

The Ben Dror family was known to social welfare agencies in the area. The children's parents had divorced about a year before the killings and maintained separate households.

According to the indictment filed against Ben Dror in July, he decided to kill his children over the birthday weekend of the kids' mother Lilach, when they were staying with him. He allegedly bought two knives, which he hid above his refrigerator, with which to kill the children, and a day before the children came to stay with him, he bought a roll of wide tape, purportedly to place over the children's mouths.

The indictment also alleges that he wrote suicide notes spelling out the reasons for the murders, adding that he had been admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Pardesiya in the Sharon region and had not seen his children for seven months. The indictment says he drugged the children and stabbed them to death after they fell asleep.

After the killings, mental health service providers were pointed at by some for allowing the murders to happen. Three months previously, the Lev Hasharon psychiatric hospital in Pardesiya had provided a professional opinion to social welfare authorities stating that Ben Dror was not a danger to himself or those around him and therefore there was no reason to bar him from unsupervised contact with his children.

In a case of an alleged attempted murder of children by a parent two months ago, a 38-year-old Tel Aviv woman threw her children, 4 and 5, out of a window in their 4th floor apartment and then jumped after them. They all sustained serious injuries.