Israeli Feared Abducted by al-Qaida Contacts His Family

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that the man entered Algeria with a Spanish passport, was sold to Al-Qaida by locals.

The family of the Israeli man missing in North Africa notified the Foreign Ministry on Friday that he contacted them, an Israeli source reported.

The news comes after the man was missing for several days, and a report in the London-based pan Arab daily ASharq al-Awsat said the Israeli was abducted by al-Qaida.

ASharq al-Awsat reported earlier Friday that the Algerian government suspects that an Israeli citizen was abducted by Al-Qaida after he entered the country using a Spanish passport.

The man disappeared from a desert area in Algeria and the government, who is investigating the disappearance, believes he was abducted by an extremist Islamist group considered a branch of Al-Qaida in Western Africa.

According to the report, the man was first held by locals and afterwards was sold to the terrorist organization.

It is yet unknown whether the man held dual-citizenship or if his Spanish passport was forged. The circumstances surrounding the Israeli's presence in Algeria are also not yet known.

The Islamist organizations usually reveal the identities of their abductees after several days.

Al-Qaida has abducted 12 foreign citizens in the last three years in the areas of Algeria and Morocco, and it is known that they are presently holding two Spaniards and two Italians.