Anonymous Israeli Blogger Eishton Offers a Deal to the IDF

The anonymous blogger, who is under investigation, says he is willing to confess to suspicions against him if the Defense Ministry would publish – within 24 hours - all information regarding the deaths of 126 IDF soldiers who died last year.

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The anonymous blogger "Eishton," who is under investigation by Israel Police and the Military Police regarding information he published on his blog about suicides in the Israel Defense Forces, last night published a new post on his Facebook page, in which he offered a surprising deal to the military authorities and the Defense Ministry.

Under the heading "24 hours – 126 names" Eishton writes that he would be willing to confess to all the suspicions against him and even to spend time in prison, if within 24 hours – by 9:30 P.M. on Tuesday - the Defense Ministry publishes all the information it has regarding the names of the 126 IDF soldiers who died in the past year and the cause of death of each one of them.

This is what he wrote:

"Today it is seven months since Memorial Day, on which you announced 126 fallen soldiers. Take 24 hours. If by tomorrow evening you release a list with 126 names and a parallel list with 126 true causes of death, along with the dates of the incidents, and you promise to release the lists since the establishment of the state within a week, as well as an official announcement by the Defense Ministry that from now on you will release all the future lists, I will confess my guilt to the offenses attributed to me at the moment and will serve a prison sentence without submitting an appeal (although I'm not guilty). My word is my oath."

Eishton wrote that the investigation against him continues, but it involves "technical and marginal offenses." He says that even someone who doesn't agree with his method of operation "must understand the difference between the importance of the 'crime' that I ostensibly committed as an individual, and the mishandling and the tremendous lack of information on the part of the government."

Several hours earlier, Eishton published another post on his Facebook page, in which he wrote that he had undergone another investigation on Monday by the police, during which the investigative unit of the Military Police repeatedly demanded that he hand over the information in his possession, which according to them is related to state security. He said that the police investigators searched his home, confiscated equipment, carried out a body search and more, but refused to show him the warrant that permits them to do so.

Eishton claimed that the police investigators are adding new offenses to the file against him, which have nothing to do with the original probe but were meant solely to threaten and pressure him. "On the table there is now already a large binder with pages, envelopes and photos of the computer screen that document communications with me in the virtual world," wrote the blogger. "I'm already being accused of a larger number of crimes as a result of the investigation than of crimes resulting from my activity on the blog."

The blogger wrote that the investigators warned him that they consider every word he says in public about the investigation as interfering with the investigation. "Today I was told that they may fine me NIS 5,000 because I spoke about the investigation – and not about its content – because I wrote a warning on the blog regarding the fact that I'm under investigation," wrote Eishton on his Facebook page. "At the same time, they are constantly saying that I'm making a big deal out of nothing, or as army sources told [mass-circulation daily] Maariv on Friday: 'He's trying to romanticize the simple fact that he possessed documents that were leaked to him from inside the army."

"Now they're accusing me of operating in the dark or something. Surrounding my investigation are questions and problems of huge systems that they don't investigate and numbers that don't add up, and somehow the system and the probes are able to look only at me The commemoration unit is failing in its main task? Not interesting. The Defense Ministry publishes a number when it doesn't have names that parallel that number? Not interesting. One person in Israel leaked unclassified material that presents no security danger? We must investigate!!!"

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