Israeli Arrested in Turkey After Gun Found in Suitcase

An Israeli was arrested at the airport in Antalya, Turkey Sunday evening after security personnel found a gun and a full ammunition clip in his suitcase.

The man, who was identified as Moti Mor, 47, from Ra'anana, has been remanded into custody for 30 days pending a hearing.

An acquaintance of Mor's who spoke to him by cell phone after his arrest told Haaretz that the gun was Mor's.

"His wife had innocently hidden it in one of the suitcases at home.

"When he was getting ready to go with his friends on a three-day motorcycle trip, he threw a few clothes in the suitcase and didn't know the gun was in the same suitcase," she said.

The woman also said Mor told her the gun had not been detected when his suitcase was x-rayed at Ben-Gurion International Airport before he left.

She added that the Turkish authorities had the weapon tested, and it had not been fired.

The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) said in response that the matter was "being looked into."

A source in the IAA added that other travelers were "in any case never in danger, because the gun was in the suitcase, which was in the plane's hold, so it could not have been used to hijack the plane."

The Israeli consul in Turkey, Shmuel Shaham, is keeping Mor's wife informed and has arranged for a lawyer who has worked with the Israeli Embassy before.

The Foreign Ministry has advised Mor's wife to appeal the remand so as to expedite the proceedings.

If the appeal is rejected, the Foreign Ministry is reportedly considering approaching the Turkish authorities on the matter.