Israeli Arab Rapper Releases Single Urging Arab Citizens to Vote

Tamer Nafar of Lod-based DAM urges listeners to let their 'voice be heard' rather than boycotting the elections, as some Israeli Arabs advocate.

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DAM, from left: Suhell Nafar, Tamer Nafar and Mahmoud Jreri. Credit: David Bachar

Israeli Arab rapper Tamer Nafar has released a single calling on Arab citizens of Israel to vote in Tuesday's election, the Jordan-based Al Bawaba news website reported Monday.

Nafar, one of three rappers in Lod-based DAM, or Da Arabian MC's, urges his listeners to vote for the Arab ticket, Joint List (though he doesn't mention it by name), rather than boycotting the election, as some Israeli Arabs advocate.

In an Arabic-language song called "In My Life I Have Never Voted for Anybody," Nafar raps, according to Al Bawaba's English translation: "Between us, Muslims, Christians, Druze, we are united / One goal, one passion, one tiredness / For one country / I won't boycott / Let my voice be heard."

In Tuesday's election, all the country's Arab parties and its sole Arab-Jewish party, Hadash, are running together on a ticket called Joint List, to give Arab politicians a better shot at getting into the Knesset despite the increase in the country's electoral threshold, which makes it harder for small parties to win parliamentary representation.

"In my life I've never voted for anybody," raps Nafar. "But I hope to see you on March 17."