Israel to Open Classrooms for Sudanese Refugee Children

Census shows there are 74 Sudanese refugee children in Israel eligible for state-sponsored education.

The Education Ministry will open six educational programs for 74 Sudanese refugees between the ages of three and 12 at the beginning of the upcoming school year.

According to Israeli law, the Education Ministry is obligated to care for the education of every child living in the state for at least three consecutive months.

During the previous school year, only a small number of the Sudanese children were placed in educational programs, but following the increase in the number of Sudanese refugees entering Israel the Education Ministry decided to conduct a census of all the Sudanese refugee children eligible for state-sponsored education. The census revealed that there are 74 such children; 35 in Eilat, 23 in the Eilot Regional Council, and 16 in Arad.

According to the Education Ministry's plans, two classrooms will be opened in each of the three towns; one for preschoolers through second graders, another for third to sixth graders.

Education Ministry Southern District Director Amira Haim said that the school programs will be comprised of 29 weekly hours, and will include classes in Hebrew, Mathematics and English.

In Arad, the classrooms for the refugees will be opened in existing schools, but in Eilat they will likely be opened in a separate structure; possibly one of the hotels that employ Sudanese refugees.