Israel Soccer Coach Questioned for Not Declaring Alcohol and Tobacco

Dror Kashtan had been caught before traveling with amount exceeding duty free limit, but not questioned.

The coach of Israel's national soccer team was detained for questioning on this week by customs inspectors at Ben Gurion Airport, for traveling with alcohol and tobacco products exceeding the duty free limit.

Dror Kashtan had been caught before traveling large amounts of undeclared merchandise, but this is the first time he has been detained. Customs inspectors had chosen not to call him in previously, warning him only not to do it again.

Since the previous event, inspectors have watched him closely. On Tuesday, he was called in for questioning after inspectors learning he had allegedly committed the crime again.

Kashtan, 65, is considered one of the most valued soccer coaches in Israel. He was appointed to train the national soccer team in November 2009.