Israel's Only Screenwriting School Faces Closure Over Lack of Funds

Tel Aviv School of Screenwriting founder and principal Idit Shechori hands in her notice, members of the executive committee follow.

The executive committee of the School of Screenwriting in Tel Aviv resigned Wednesday, after the Culture and Sports Ministry failed to transfer the school's budget for 2011.

School founder and principal Idit Shechori handed in her notice Wednesday, followed by members of the executive committee. The school will shut down unless the money is received within one month, committee members said.

The nonprofit institute has accumulated a NIS 500,000 deficit after years of wrangling with the ministry over its budget. In recent months, it stopped paying some of its teachers and maintenance workers, and in other cases paid them only partially.

Screenwriter and director Shechori said the school has been in financial straits since last year, due to the ministry's insufficient support and the delay in passing the school's budget.

The ministry said it was "acting tirelessly to help the school overcome the crisis" and accused the management of piling obstacles in its way.