Israel's Legal System Is Rife With Anarchy

Had Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon been vetted as Galant was, they would not have been prime ministers.

Yoav Galant was lynched. Granted, he contributed his share to the lynch. He made serious errors, acted like a bully and showed no understanding for the new world we live in. But only a blind or wicked person would fail to understand that the way Galant was treated was unfair, inappropriate and unclean.

Had the attorney general been vetted as Galant was, he would not be the attorney general. Had the chief of staff been vetted as Galant was, he would not be chief of staff. Had Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon been vetted as Galant was, they would not have been prime ministers.

Amos Biderman
Amos Biderman

Galant was not vetted in an orderly, proper and egalitarian manner. He was marked, sighted and destroyed. Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant was pursued by a band of hunters.

The Galant operation was one of the most brilliant executions to be carried out in Israel in recent years. The target was detected at an early stage - a brave officer who knows the IDF is rotten, says the IDF is rotten and warns of the rot in the IDF. Immediately after sighting the target, intelligence was put into action - that is, a systematic gathering of slanderous material. After this material was gathered, the long strategic arm was activated - that is, the media.

Regrettably, the first media operation did not succeed. The Harpaz document did not yield the expected outcome. But the second media operation succeeded beyond expectations. Under heavy media shelling, the state comptroller and attorney general filled their assigned roles in the operation plan.

Thus the designated chief of staff was liquidated. Thus the danger that someone would clean up the deep rot in the IDF was eliminated. Until the missiles fall on our heads, we can go on saying the IDF was rehabilitated and the IDF is strong and the IDF is flawless. Until the missiles fall on our heads, we can believe the IDF's ethical flaws lie in a few plots in Moshav Amikam.

Was Yoav Galant worthy of being chief of staff? Galant committed grave acts, and his conduct should be harshly criticized. It can even be argued that he is unfit to serve as head of the general staff. The question is difficult, complicated and legitimate. What is illegitimate is the ugly, violent public process in which Galant was burned at the stake. There was no just trial here, just a magnificent execution operation.

The problem is not personal. The problem is that the normative system in Israel has collapsed. We have lost the legal golden-standard and the moral metal-meter. The stable-cleaning process of recent years was healthy and vital. But at a certain point, it was hijacked by interested parties and people with ulterior motives, who are manipulating it with total cynicism.

Consequently, we no longer have a clear, sane hierarchy of values. There is no equal application of equal norms to different people. It is easy to turn a light offense into a grave one and vice versa. It is easy to portray someone's gray as black and someone else's gray as white. Arguments on the issue become personal, sectarian, sensational exchanges of fire. Truth-seeking is replaced by persecution campaigns. The act of meting out justice is frequently unjust. The air is poisoned, the town square is contaminated, rivers of bad blood flow in the streets.

The Galant case is extreme, but it is not isolated. In Israel 2011, gathering slanderous material has become the name of the game. Selective enforcement has become an epidemic. The dooming question is not what you have done and how much you're valued, but whether the execution units direct their light beam at you. This is open season. Bands of hunters are roaming the streets, hunting anything that strikes their fancy. They are not looking for truth and justice, but are making use of processes posing as truth and justice procedures to eliminate rivals.

In the absence of a leader and sovereign, there is no one to put an end to the madness. In the absence of a moral legal authority, there is no one to restore reason, discretion, impartiality, proportionality and pertinence. There is no law, no judge and no limit. Anarchy is rapacious. Folks, it's human hunting season.