Israel's Chief Censor: No Iran Secrets Have Been Revealed

Military censor Sima Vaknin-Gil says 'discourse' on action against Iran approved for publication, but 'no secret information disclosed' so far.

At a lecture at the University of Haifa, chief military censor Sima Vaknin-Gil commented on the policy regarding publication of recent reports surrounding the public discourse over a possible attack on Iran.

"As long as it is a matter of discourse expressing positions regarding one action or another against Iran, it [publication of the report] is approved. No secret information has been disclosed up to now and no senior individual in the system has spoken on the subject," she said.

Benjamin Netanyahu  - Tomer Appelbaum - October 31 2011
Tomer Appelbaum

Vaknin-Gil also commented on the role of the censor: "The meaning of the concept of state security from my standpoint is one of national security. Therefore I also deal with subjects that are not only at the core of security matters, but also subjects related to elements of Israel's foreign relations, elements related to American-Israeli relations, Israeli-Egyptian relations, and so forth. I can say that Israel has a place of honor with regard to countries that respect freedom of expression, but what can you do? There are things that don't need to be public. I am familiar with the argument that the censor has no teeth, and I tell them the censor has a lot of power," she said.