Israel Remembers Iconic Singer Ofra Haza and Her Cinderella-like Tale

Channel 10, Channel 24, Educational Television marking anniversary of singer's death with day of tributes.

A decade after the mysterious death of singer Ofra Haza (February 23, 2000), her Cinderella story still fascinates, and Channel 24 is devoting its entire broadcast today to Haza.

Clips that were filmed in various periods of her life will be shown among programs about her life, and family members will be guests on talk segments. Her legendary manager, Betzalel Aloni, will be a guest on "The Tavoris," a reality show, and two films made about Haza will be shown in the evening, "The Life and Death of Ofra Haza" (at 9 P.M.) and "Ofra Haza's Secret Child" (10:45 P.M.).

Several documentaries have been made about her life, and one was broadcast last night on Channel 10. A play about her life has been produced, and she continues to be an inspiration to musicians and trend-setters. There is reason to be fascinated - the circumstances surrounding her death, her long career, the touching way she made it to the top and the unresolved and ugly feud among her heirs. This certainly feels like a larger-than-life drama.

The first film scheduled for tonight is based on an in-depth investigation by journalists Anat Tal-Shir and Zadok Yehezkeli.

The second, recalling a soap opera, which stirred controversy when it was first aired, tells the story of Shai, the adopted son of the late Doron Ashkenazi, Haza's husband, who grew up with the couple.

Ardent fans will be glad to know that Educational Television is also paying tribute to the singer: Segments from various programs in which she took appeared will be posted on a special page on the channel's Internet site.