Israel Police: Jerusalem Man Killed His Parents to Get Their Inheritance

Daniel Maoz arrested one month after the bodies of his parents, Noah and Nurit Maoz, found brutally stabbed in their home; police say he had heavy gambling debts.

Nearly a month after the bodies of a man and his wife were found dead in their Jerusalem home, their son was arrested last week as the prime suspect in the double murder, police revealed on Wednesday.

Noah and Nurit Maoz, both in the 60s, were found brutally stabbed in their Ramot neighborhood home on August 14. Their son, Daniel Maoz, 28, was arrested last Sunday in his Tel Aviv home on suspicion of murdering his parents.

Daniel Moaz = Tomer Appelbaum  - september 21 2011
Tomer Appelbaum

Police said Daniel, a softwared engineer, was entangled in heavy gambling debts and allegedly murdered his parents in a bid to get their inheritance. His remand was extended by six days yesterday and police said he is likely to be indicted next week.

The Maoz couple were murdered on a Saturday night, after visiting their close friends and neighbors Zvi and Emma Neeman.

Three hours after the Maoz couple returned home, at about 11 P.M., the Neemans heard a scream but did not call the police. Another neighbor said he had been awakened from sleep by a woman screaming "he is murdering me" several times. He said he went out to check and even entered the Maoz' front yard, but did not enter their house and returned home without reporting the incident.

The bodies were found the following morning by Emma Neeman, one of the Maoz family's three sons, Nir, the suspect's twin brother and Dr. Reuven Ackerman, the manager at the dental clinic where Noah Maoz worked.

The police suspected that someone who knew the couple was involved in their murder, because nothing had been stolen from their home. At first their suspicion fell on Nir, but after his brother Daniel contradicted himself several times under questioning and changed his alibi for the night of the murder three times, he became the chief suspect.

Daniel first said he had been in Tel Aviv that night. But faced with evidence to the contrary, he said he was in Jerusalem, but nowhere near his parents' home. Finally he said he came to his parents house, had dinner with them and then watched television with his father. At a certain point he rose to go to the restroom, whereupon he heard a man he did not know enter the house and murder his parents, he said.

At first he froze, then came to his senses and started fighting with the murderer, who managed to escape, he said. At this stage Daniel pulled out the big knife that was stuck in his father's body, cleaned it and drove to Tel Aviv, where he threw it into a garbage container, he said. He then went to play poker with friends until close to 1 A.M. Before dawn he returned to the scene of the crime to cover his tracks for fear of becoming a suspect in his parents' murder. After that he said he returned to Tel Aviv. At no stage did he tell anyone what had happened to his parents, he said.

Police sources said Daniel Maoz drove to Tel Aviv and back to establish an alibi for the night of the murder.

"The suspicions against Daniel are insane," his attorney Ariel Atari said. "He loved his parents and was never part of any violent event."