Rank and File: Young Professionals in Tel Aviv to Meet With South Africa's Israel Envoy

Support organization for English-speaking immigrants to host benefit comedy tour in Jerusalem; Comedy tour to benefit bereaved children and families.

Ambassador Sisa Ngombane, South Africa’s ambassador to Israel (second from left)

LAUGH FOR OLIM: For new immigrants, having a sense of humor can help with the harder aspects of absorption. In that spirit, KeepOlim, a support organization for English-speaking immigrants, is hosting a Benefit Comedy Tour in Jerusalem next Thursday. The evening will feature some of the biggest names in the English comedy scene in Israel, including Kandi Abelson, Hani Skutch, Jeremy Feldhamer, David Smadja, Malynnda Littky and Yohay Sponder. The comics are all donating their performances “to support the vital programs and services of KeepOlim,” according to LiAmi Lawrence, founder of KeepOlim. The show is part of a tour that will also include Modi’in next Saturday, November 19, and Ariel on December 1. For more info, visit keepolim.org/comedy/.

COMEDY FOR KOBY: Comedy For Koby is back this December! The all new Israel tour featuring Elayne Boosler, who has performed on “The Tonight Show,” Allan Havey (“Mad Men”),Tom Cotter (who was the runner-up to Olate Dogs on “America’s Got Talent”) and perennial host Avi Liberman will run December 6 - 2. Ticket proceeds, as always, support the work of The Koby Mandell Foundation on behalf of bereaved children and families. The tour schedule starts the comedians off in Beit Shemesh on December 6, followed by stops in Gush Etzion (December 7), Jerusalem (two shows on December 8), Ra’anana (December 10), Modi’in (December 11) and Tel Aviv (December 12). Past shows have usually been sold out in advance. For tickets and info: www.comedyforkoby.com.

YES, AMBASSADOR: The TLV Young Professionals’ Ambassador Series aims to connect “our young international community with the leaders of the diplomatic corps stationed in Israel.” This Tuesday, the community will have the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Sisa Ngombane, South Africa’s ambassador to Israel, in Tel Aviv. Attendance is limited to students and young professionals in their 20s & 30s. “Too often, ignorant voices try to equate our conflict with the South African racist policies of the past,” said Jay Shultz of the Tel Aviv International Salon, which organized the series.  “Thankfully, every South African government representative I have had the pleasure to connect with in Israel over the years has been clear that comparing Israeli political realities to South African apartheid is factually and intellectually dishonest.” For more info, visit the Tel Aviv International Salon Facebook page.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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