Yeshiva Caretaker Suspected of Molesting Minors in Jerusalem

Police arrest the caretaker, 37, before actual complaints were made, but after years of alleged sexual attacks on minors.

Nir Hasson
Nir Hasson
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Police suspect a caretaker of a Jerusalem yeshiva molested minors, including students of the yeshiva and children of neighbors, over years.

The caretaker, 37, a resident of Jerusalem, was arrested last week and questioned for alleged sexual molestation of minors, indecent acts, and making threats, but did not cooperate with the police.

Based on the gravity of the accusations, the court agreed to the police petition to extend his detention by seven days, to April 12.

Following his arrest, after a difficult, sensitive investigation, the police on Sunday located some of the man's victims, who came to the police station to testify. The caretaker would allegedly invite the minors into the storage room adjacent to the yeshiva building, where he would carry out his acts, in some cases targeting more than one child.

Some of the victims received money from him, and others were allegedly threatened.

So far the police have heard testimony from two minors who are 17 at present, and two boys aged 10 and 12. The police are looking for additional possible victims, including with the help of welfare authorities.

Police sources say the caretaker abused his status and proximity to the innocent children. His arrest before any complaints had actually been made was designed primarily to force him to cease before any more harm could be done, and to question him about the alleged crimes.