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Photo by Zipa Kempinsky

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‘Yeled’ – ‘child’ – comes from the root ‘y.l.d’ – י.ל.ד – which has made a huge career for itself in Semitic languages. This is a great example of how one root behaves in different verb patterns, keeping the stem meaning but then providing us with exciting branches of it.

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Words and expressions discussed:
Yeled – Child, kid, boy – ילד
(Arabic ولد, walad)
Kulanu yeladim shel ha-chayim – We are all children of the life – כולנו ילדים של החיים
Yeled, yeladim – ילד, ילדים
Yaldey Ha-yare’ach – Children of the moon – ילדי הירח
Hu yaase lach yeled – he’ll make you a child – הוא יעשה לך ילד
Ta’ase li yeled – Make me a child, you’re awesome – תעשה לי ילד
Yalad – He gave birth – הוא ילד
Hi yalda – She gave birth – היא ילדה
Yalda – Girl – ילדה
Hi yalda bat – She gave birth to a girl – היא ילדה בת
Hi yalda ben – She gave birth to a boy – היא ילדה בן
Eich shir nolad – How is a song born? – איך שיר נולד?
Hu nolad – He was born – הוא נולד
Nichtav; niylad>nawlad>nolad
Ma nolad? – What was born? – ?מה נולד
Nolad lo ben – A son was born to him, he has a son – נולד לו בן
Nolda lahem bat – A daughter was born to them, they have a daughter – נולדה להם בת
Ani noladti lashalom – I was born to peace – אני נולדתי לשלום
Rak etmol nolda – She was just born yesterday – רק אתמול נולדה
Yiled – He delivered a baby – יילד
Yilda – She delivered a baby – יילדה
Meyaledet – She is delivering a baby/Midwife – מיילדת
Hi meyaledet tinok achshav – She’s delivering a baby right now – היא מיילדת תינוק עכשיו
Leyaled – To deliver a baby – ליילד
Lehityaled – To behave like a child – להתיילד
Holid – He fathered, it gave rise to – הוליד
Ze holid be’ayot chadashot – זה הוליד בעיות חדשות
Yaldut – Childhood – ילדוּת
Yalduti – My childhood/infantile – ילדותי
Yaldutiyoot – Infantility – ילדותיוּת
Huledet – birth – הולדת
Yom huledet, Yomuledet – יום הולדת, יומולדת
Leida – Childbirth, birth – לידה
Ta’arich leida – Date of birth – תאריך לידה
Yeluda – birth rate – ילוּדה
Yaldon, Yaldonet – kiddo (M., F.) – ילדון, ילדונת
Yeladim yekarim – Dear children – ילדים יקרים

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