Yalla: Hebrew's Arabic King of Slang / StreetWise Hebrew Podcast

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One of the most used words in Israeli slang is actually from Arabic. Yalla is used to encourage someone to do something, but with the right intonation you can deliver an array of different notions. Yalla, press ‘play!’

Words and expressions discussed:
Yalla – יָאללָה

Ya Allah – יָא אַללָה

Yalla zazim – יָאללָה זָזִים

Yalla yalla.Credit: Yahali Amit

Yalla lech ha-bayita Motti – יָאללָה לֵךְ הבַּיתָה מוֹטִי

Az yalla – אָז יָאללָה

Yalla beitar – יָאללָה בֵּיתָ”ר

Yalla-yalla – יָאללָה-יָאללָה

Tov, yalla bye – טוֹב, יָאללָה בַּיי

Tov, yalla mmmmmmbye – טוֹב, יָאללָה מְמְמְמְמְ-בַּיי