Best Correction Ever: Netanyahu Did Not Claim Moses Brought Water From Iraq

The Wall Street Journal's original article made it seem like Israel's prime minister had been woefully misled about the Passover holiday

"Moses Drawing Water from the Rock", a 17th-century painting by Gioachino Assereto

The internet was beside itself after The Wall Street Journal was forced to issue a correction on Wednesday explaining that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not, in fact, say Moses brought water from Iraq.

While readers of the original story were left with the impression that Israel's leader was deeply misinformed about the story of Passover, the correction noted that he actually said Moses brought water from a rock, a story told in the Book of Exodus.

There is no known record of Moses ever bringing anything back from Iraq. 

"Moses Our Father Strikes the Rock", from the Israeli satire program "The Jews Are Coming"Kann 11

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