Women of the Wall Director Slams Israeli Government for Reneging on Western Wall Prayer Space Deal

'We do not feel at home in a place where we are silenced. ... Women in the 21st century have a voice,' Women of the Wall Executive Director Lesley Sachs says

One of the women behind the deal to establish an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall blasted the Israeli government Monday for "reneging" on its agreement to create a new plaza at the site.

Women of the Wall Executive Director Lesley Sachs slammed the move, saying that "an agreement made with a woman is not an agreement, as far as the Israeli government goes.

"For Prime Minister Netanyahu it is all a political game and it is on our backs, because we do not feel at home in a place where we are silenced."

Proponents of the deal to create the mixed-gender prayer space have viewed the suspension as Netanyahu caving in to ultra-Orthodox parties in his governing coalition who opposed the deal from the beginning.