Woman Suspected of Beating, Abandoning 8-month-old 'To Get Back at Her Partner'

Police that were called to the scene of a fight in Petach Tikvah discovered that the suspect decided to leave her baby in a grove of trees in order to "get her husband's attention."

A 28-year-old resident of Petach Tikvah is suspected of abandoning her infant sonon Saturday, in order to 'exact revenge on her partner.' It is thought that she attacked him first with a knife.

Moshe Gilad

Due to financial hardships the couple was staying in the home a friend in town, together with the friend's 16-year-old daughter. It is believed that a fight broke out in which the suspect attacked the daughter of the friend, stabbing her and lightly injuring her.

The Petach Tikvah police received a report of the fight on Saturday afternoon. The officers that were sent to the scene met the three – the woman, her partner, and the friend's daughter – and started to piece together the story.

The man said that after the fight – in which he tried to defend the girl and struggled with his partner – the woman left the house with their eight-month-old baby in the early hours of the afternoon, and when she returned, said that she left the baby in a grove of trees near a local schoolhouse.

The father rushed to the area and found his son injured, covered in sand and leaves. The father claims that the boy was left in the grove inside of a plastic bag.

The police transferred the baby to Schneider Children's Hospital in fair condition, and he was left there for observation. Petach Tikvah social services received a report of the incident, and a writ of emergency protection was issued for the child.

According to Shai Gaz, chief investigator for the Petach Tikvah police, the suspect confessed to the acts she is accused of, and related that she 'wanted to get her husband's attention.' She was arrested, and will be brought to a Petach Tikvah court on Sunday morning for remanding.