Winter Storms: Snow in Jerusalem and a Boon for the Kinneret

Dozens injured as heavy winds and rains are felt throughout the country; Mount Hermon ski site to open this week.

Snow fell in the Jerusalem area overnight, as the fierce winter weather that has wreaked havoc across Israel in recent days reached its peak.

Snow blanketed the Golan Heights in the north. On Monday morning, the level of snow was measured at 240 centimeters at the site of the upper cable car at the Mount Hermon ski site. Officials hope to open the site to skiers by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Snow Dec. 12, 2010 (Yaron Kaminsky)
Yaron Kaminsky

The storm has been a boon for the Sea of Galilee and Israel's water reservoirs, which had been suffering from a drought. Authorities said that the level of the Sea of Galilee has risen five centimeters in the past day.

Since the storm started, 209 millimeters of rain have fallen in the Upper Galilee, 200 in the Golan Heights, 170 on the northern coast, 140 in Haifa, 70 in Beit Dagan near Tel Aviv and 30 in Jerusalem.

The storm has caused numerous injuries and damage across the country. On Sunday night, a resident of Ashkelon was seriously injured when a tree fell on her car.

At least 30 people suffered weather-related injuries throughout the day on Sunday. In Tel Aviv, outside the Dizengoff Center mall, a woman was injured when strong winds lifted her off the sidewalk and into the street, where she was struck by a passing taxi.

The Magen David Adom rescue service was called to the scene of 129 car accidents on Sunday. In those accidents, two people were seriously hurt.

Heavy rains and wind gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour on Sunday sunk a Moldovan ship off the coast of Ashdod, destroyed an ancient pier in Caesarea, drove huge waves over breakwaters in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, delayed flights, closed seaports, flooded streets and caused power outages throughout the country.