Wife of Palestinian Engineer Urges UN to Secure His Release From Israeli Custody

Abu Sisi, a director of the Gaza Strip's sole power station, was indicted Monday for allegedly helping Hamas develop weapons for use against Israel.

The wife of Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi, who was indicted Monday for allegedly assisting Hamas in developing weapons used against Israel, has urged the international community to take immediate action to secure her husband's release.

"Any attempt to connect him with political or military activities is Israeli fabrication," she told Haaretz, after the prosecution filed its indictment. "I ask the United Nations, to the [Palestinian] Authority and the government of Ukraine to work immediately toward his release, as his kidnap and arrest are against international law.

Dirar Abu Sisi - AP - 8.3.2011

She also said she believed her husband's innocence would prevail, and that her husband's arrest seemed linked only to his "great experience and great knowledge" about Gaza's power station.

Abu Sisi's wife, a Ukrainian citizen, said that she was still living in Kiev, even as her six children were in the Gaza Strip. She told Haaretz no idea when she would be permitted to return to the coastal territory.

Abu Sisi, a director of the Gaza Strip's sole power station, says he was kidnapped during a visit to Ukraine in February and transferred secretly to Israel. He said he was in Ukraine at the time to arrange residency there for himself and his family.

The Shin Bet has nicknamed Abu Sisi the "father of rockets". He is accused of nine charges regarding activity in a terrorist organization, hundreds of counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and production of weaponry offenses.

He has rejected all charges levied against him.