Police Probing Who Drew Hitler's Face on Tel Aviv Synagogue

Graffiti next to the face states, 'Hitler was a Jew.'

Defacement of a synagogue on Aharon Chelouche Street, Tel Aviv, with Hitler's face in green, the word "Heilike" in English and Hebrew letters and the statement, in Hebrew letters, "In practice, Hitler was a Jew".
Israel Police spokesman

The Israel Police are investigating who drew a crude likeness of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's face on the exterior of a Tel Aviv synagogue.

To the left of the image, the nonsensical word "Heilike" in English letters was spray-painted (in theory, it could be a woman's name). To its right, the same word appears in Hebrew letters, as well as the words, also in Hebrew, "In practice, Hitler was a Jew."

The defaced synagogue is among a number of buildings defaced by graffiti along Tel Aviv's Aharon Chelouche Street, which is in the high-end neighborhood of Neve Tzedek.