West Bank Settler Arrested for Throwing Stones at Israeli Soldiers

Israeli youth arrested in incident that saw settlers attack IDF patrol near radical Baladim settlement outpost in the West Bank.

Image of Israeli settlers throwing stones at IDF soldiers near Baladim outpost in West Bank
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Israel's police has arrested a young settler from Beit El on suspicions that he was involving in throwing stones at Israeli soldiers patrolling the Baladim outpost near the Kochav Hashahar settlement in the West Bank.

The arrest came after a video was published of a number of youths throwing stones at Israel Defense Forces soldiers. In the video, some seven settlers can be seen pelting an IDF jeep arriving at the scene.

According to the police, the outpost was raided by police and Border Patrol forces who identified one of the alleged stone throwers and arrested him. The police said they believe that additional arrests are expected.

WATCH: Israeli settlers throw stones at IDF soldiers near Baladim outpost in West Bank Israel Police

From the Honenu organization, which represents the arrested settler, claimed that the suspect has an alibi that rules out the possibility that he was at the scene at the time. They claim that he was with his father when the incident took place.

"The boy was with his family for the whole time, on a walking trip far away from where the incident took place. Sadly, the family's plans, as well as videos and photos, did little good and he spent Shabbat under arrest," Nati Rom, his lawyer, said.

The police did not respond to the claims, and stressed he would be sent before a judge late Saturday, noting that "it was possible he would be released" with some restrictions.

The Baladim outpost is considered the symbol of West Bank radicalism, and is home to many held to be part of the hard core of the so-called "Hilltop youths", which does not maintain ties to the settlers leadership.