We-the-People Have Spoken! (What the Hell Did We Say?) / The Promised Podcast

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A bride votes in Holon before her wedding, March 17, 2015. Credit: Ofer Vaknin

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Allison, Noah, and Don discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

We-the-People have spoken! (What the hell did we say?)

What did these elections say, if anything, about the hearts and minds of Israeli voters? Headlines from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu have said that PM Netanyahu won in a landslide, but did he really?

Fear! Uh! What is it good for?

We discuss the fear and fear-mongering at the heart of the election campaigns. Was PM Netanyahu a diabolical genius who played up, played on, and played with our fears, or was he just addressing our deepest concerns?

What the hell do we do now?

We discuss what the left should do now, as it faces several years in the opposition. Elections are like Adam Sandler movies - there’s always another coming soon. So what does the left need to do to be ready for the next one?

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