WATCH: UN Spokesman Breaks Down Live on Al Jazeera While Discussing Gaza

On Al Jazeera Arabic, UNRWA spokesman was overcome by emotion and began sobbing live on-air while discussing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza - the same day 16 died in a UNRWA school shelled by the IDF.

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United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesman Chris Gunness broke down sobbing live on-air with Al Jazeera Wednesday, while discussing the current violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Gunness was on Al Jazeera to discuss the IDF shelling of another UNRWA school earlier in the day. 

"Among the dead are 16 people killed early Wednesday while seeking refuge at the UNRWA-operated Abu Haseen school in northern Gaza, the Gaza Health Ministry says," Haaretz reported in its live blog from Wednesday. The same day the UN announced it had found Hamas rockets stashed in a third UN run school.  Five UN employees have been killed since Israel began its military operation into Gaza.

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